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My name is Koto! In Japanese it means "old capital", not to be confused with the traditional musical instrument... My parents called me like that because I was born in Kyōto on February 11th, the day of the founding of Japan. I'm a baseball fan and I love okonomiyaki, takoyaki and korokke. Occasionally I read manga or watch anime. Especially those at Ghibli Studios. In winter, I like to bask in onsen or rotenburo. And in summer, I enjoy a good matcha tea ice cream. Summer is my favorite season because there are plenty of matsuri and we have fun. Enough about me, let's introduce my friends.


Here is Gen-kun, whose real name is Genki. It means "vigour". He was born on May 5th, the boys' day. He pulls the jinrikisha in which you can get on to discover the touristic areas. He loves hanami in spring and kōyō in autumn. He is fond of nature! But he's also a martial arts enthusiast... He practices jujitsu and kyūdō. He comes from Ōsaka, where Kansai International Airport, abbreviated KIX, is located.


Here is Mayu-chan, Mayu means "silkworm cocoon". Those used to make beautiful kimono like Nishijin's. Mayu-chan is a maiko born on March 3rd, on hina matsuri day. She was born in Nara but her admiration for the arts and the profession of geiko led her to become an apprentice in Kyōto. She is taught traditional dancing and music, the art of conversation, chanoyu, and so on. She works hard every day in her okiya. She loves kaiseki cuisine but she hates being chased through the streets of Gion by tourists who want to take a picture of her. She feels she is a freak.


Last but not least, Wasabi-chan. Wasabi is the Japanese word for Japanese horseradish. I gave her this name because she loves spicy dishes: karē, mabodōfu, daikon oroshi, wasabi, ... She's a small akita-inu dog, up to date in her vaccinations! She was born on July 7th, the day of tanabata. She is doing a lot of stupid things. Lately, she ate one of my geta...

Why did I make this website for?

I love my hometown, Kyōto, and I wanted to introduce it to foreign tourists. That's why I became a tourist guide and interpreter in French and English. I created this site to present my work but also and above all to show you my region and my country. I hope to make you want to come and discover our beautiful landscapes, our exciting history and our confusing ways and customs. I hope you will find in this site all the information necessary to prepare your trip. If you need my services or have suggestions for this site, I invite you to contact me.
I hope to see you soon in Japan!