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Honshu is not the only place to see!

Foreign tourists know little about the other isles of the Japanese archipelago. There are though 3000! Of course, all of them are not of interest, but some are worth the detour. So don't miss them.

Here is a selection of isles I've really liked :

- Hokkaido, the northern one, with its snow festival and magnificient nature park ;

- Okinawa, the southern one, with its dream beaches, the sea and the surf!

- Shikoku, on the west side of Honshu, with its pilgrimage of 88 temples ;

- Kyushu, on the south side of Honshu, is the first Japanese isle which opened with the West, but also the second that has been victim of the atomic bomb on the 9th of august 1945, in Nagasaki ;

- Yakushima with its virgin forest that has been used as a model for the japanese cartoon "Princess Mononoke" (Mononoke Hime) ;

- Awajishima, with the wonderful smell of incense, the spectacular naruto and the impressive fault of Nojima, responsible for the earthquake of Kobe in 1995.


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