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Why should you engage a local guide?

You're planning your trip to Japan ? I advise you to look for a Japanese English speaking guide and interpreter. It's really pleasant to discover Japan with a Japanese person and I'm going to tell you why :

1. Meeting a Japanese person

Visiting monuments, discovering a new culture, staying in a good hotel… here are the pleasures of travelling. But meeting people is also important. Only a Japanese person can explain how Japanese peolple are. The way they think, their kindness, their repsect for traditions, ... He will tell you stories that will help you understand how Japanese people are. They're usually welcoming and will enjoy presenting the charms of their town or village. They'll mainly have pleasure to become your friend and it's a great difference to be able or not to make friends in an unknown country. But to make it possible, you need to be able to communicate. Most of the Japanese people are a bit recalcitrant to foreign languages and don't speak English.


2. Speaking with natives

The language barrier is really a problem when you travel abroad. Japanese is not such a language that you can speak overnight, even if it seems easy to learn. If you visit Japan with a guide, you'll free yourself from such a problem of communication. When visiting Kyoto, for instance, you'll have the opportunity to, if you want, meet artists or craftsmen. When visiting food markets, you'll see that many people work hard. You'll be able to ask them questions through your guide. You'll appreciate how Kyoto's inhabitants are proud of their town and their commitment to retain traditions. That way, you'll discover our food culture, our daily life, our respect for traditions, and the origin of our mentality, in a nutshell, who Japanese people are. You won't find it in books nor travel agencies websites, because it's a discovery you'll make on the spot.


3. The certainty to discover places only known by natives

" Too many tourists", " stereotypical "… are words I usually hear from travellers who have visited Japan by themselves or with a travel agency. I understand pretty well why they say such things because the real charms of Japan, mainly those of Kyoto, can only be found in small streets, you won't find on tourists maps, non expensive familial and typical restaurants, unknown from foreign tourists, villages outside touristic tours, where indications aren't written in Engish, and so on. Accompanied by a local guide, who perfectly know the region, you'll discover the country better and you'll be able to visit sites, off the beaten track.


What we think about it...

All the travellers want to discover Kyoto in an original way. But, most of the time, even if they read tourism guides, their travel become a conventional tour. The old capital still have plenty of charms and it's a pity that you discover only few things. Sometimes, you think Japanese culture is difficult to understand. But with the explanations of your guide and interpreter, you'll better understand it. Every year, the number of requests we receive make us feel that interest for Japan is really important.

Kyoto was the capital of Japan for more than thousand years and is at the origin of Japanese cultural diversity. We'll help you understand its characteristics, so that you'll better enjoy gardens, monuments, traditions, the courtesy of Japanese people and their respect for short-lived nature. Those knowledge will also be useful when you'll travel to other towns of Japan, because Kyoto is the cradle of this wonderful country.

In Nara, you can walk among deers and see famous temples, classified as World Heritage by the UNESCO, like the Todai-ji and the Horyu-ji. As for Osaka, it's a lively and dynamic city. We also advise you to come to Shiga, still little known among foreign tourists but where you can appreciate beautiful landscapes, traditional districts and the Biwa Lake, the biggest lake of Japan. Access to those three towns from Kyoto is quite easy and you'll discover there, different sorts of food, different cultures and different ways of life.

We hope you won't forget that meeting natives is one of the interests of travelling abroad. Thanks to your guide, you'll be allowed to speak easily with natives, merchants and craftsmen. You'll be also impressed by the proudness of Kyoto's, Nara's, Osaka's and Shiga's inhabitants to live in those towns and their commitment to protect their traditions. Try to make new friends among Kyoto's inhabitants and be sure we'll have pleasure to meet you.

If you're looking for an English speaking guide and interpreter, feel free to contact us !




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