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Osaka is the second biggest economic city of Japan with 8.8 million of inhabitants. Located in the Kansai region in Western Japan, it is an administrative, economic and cultural centre with an efficient transport network.

It's been a long time since Edo or Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka were three major cities in Japan. While Edo was a samurai society and Kyoto, the imperial capital, with its temples and shrines, Osaka was a merchants society. Close to the sea and the mouth of various rivers, Osaka is ideally placed for trade. The merchandises arrived in Osaka by the sea and the river. Trade was very busy and prosperous. That's why the city of Osaka is so lively, energetic, humorous and gourmet. Osaka inhabitants talk a lot and love joking. The culinary culture of Osaka is remarkable for okonimiyaki, a sort of thick pancake cooked on a plate, takoyaki, octopus balls, crab, fugu, this famous fish that a single mouthful can be fatal if not properly prepared, and many other specialties.

Osaka is divided into two districts, Kita (North), near the JR Osaka Station and Minami (South), near Namba and Tennoji. Kita is a very smart district. The JR Station was renovated in 2011 to become an ultra-modern station with full amenities, Umeda Sky Building, HEP FIVE and its big wheel, the Chayamachi district and many other things. Minami is an entertainment district with Shinsaibashi, Dotonbori, Shinsekai, and so on. These districts are more and more animated with the inauguration of Grand Front Osaka in the North and Abeno-Harukas in the South.

Do not imagine that there are only skyscrapers. The Shitenno-ji temple and Sumiyoshi Taisha shrine can't be overlooked for their history since their foundation in the 6th century. You should also explore the small streets of Fukushima, Karahori and Kuromon-ichiba market and visit the small temple of Hozen-ji, known for the meoto-zenzai soup.

Osaka is accessible from Osaka Kansai Airport, KIX, by train or by bus. If you want to go to the North of Osaka, you should take the train Haruka Express and get off in Shin-Osaka. If you want to go to the South, you should take the train Nankai Namba. These two stations are connected by the Mido-suji-sen subway line.






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