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I'm Koto! In japanese, I write it with the characters that mean "old capital", and not with the one of the traditionnal music instrument... My parents gave me that name because I was born in Kyoto. My birthday is on the 11th of february, the Japanese nation foundation day. I'm 25 years old, 1m69 in height and 58kg. I'm fond of base-ball and I love okonomiyaki, takoyaki and korokke. Time to time I read manga or watch japanese cartoons. Mainly those of Ghibli studios. In winter, I like lounging in onsen or rotenburo. In summer, I appreciate a delicious matcha ice cream. Summer is my favourite season because there are plenty of fun matsuri.

Enough about myself, let me introduce my friends.



In fact, his name's Genki. It means "healthy". He's 19 years old, 1m75 in height, 70kg and was born on the 5th of may, the day of boys. He pulls the jinrikisha in which you can get on to visit touristic areas. He loves hanami in spring and koyo autumn. He really likes nature! But he's also fond of martial arts... He does, among others, jujitsu and kyudo. He comes from Osaka where there is the international Kansai airport, KIX.


Mayu means "silk worm cocoon". Those we use to create splendid kimono as those of Nishijin. Mayu-chan is a 20 years old maiko. She's 1m56 in height, 45kg and was born on the 3rd of march, during hina matsuri. She's from Nara but, as she had admiration for arts and the profession of geiko, she became a trainee in Kyoto. She's taught traditionnal dance and music, the art of conversation, chanoyu, and so on. She works hard every day in her okiya. She loves kaiseki cookery but she detests being chased in Gion's streets by tourists who want to make pictures of her. She seems to be a freak.


Wasabi is the japanese word for "horseradish". I gave her that name because she loves hot dishes : kare, mabodofu, daikon oroshi, wasabi and so on. She's a lovely female akita-inu of 6 months, up to date in her vaccinations! She's about 10kg and was born on the 7th of july, on tanabata's day. She's still young and do plenty of stupid things. Recently, she ate one of the leg of the kotatsu and one of my geta...




Why did i make this website for?

I love the town I come from, Kyoto and I wanted to make foreign tourists discover it. That's why I became guide and interpreter in english and french. I've created this website not only to show you my job but also and mainly to make you discover my region and my country. I hope I'll make you want to come and discover our beautiful landscapes, our fascinating history and our puzzling ways and customs. I hope you'll find in this website all the information you need to prepare your trip. If you need a guide or have suggestions for this website, please contact me.

I'm waiting impatiently for you in Japan!




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