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How to come to Japan?

Good question to which I'll try to answer as precisely as possible. But if I'm not clear enough, feel free to contact Koto-kun.



From abroad, you can choose to arrive :

- either in Tokyo, at the Narita Airport (international code NRT )

- or in Osaka, at the Kansai International Airport (international code KIX)

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Entries of sites


Length of stay

At least 2 weeks to visit the main things.

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Travel agency or not?

It depends on the time you have to prepare your trip and the freedom of movment you'd like to have.

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Propositions of visits

Routes (for more details, click here!)
Kyoto-1. The essential of Kyoto in one day
Kyoto-2. The north of Kyoto and its remote temples
Kyoto-3. Historic route : the 19th century
Kyoto-4. Gion's and Higashiyama's districts
Kyoto-5. Arts and tresures of architecture in Kyoto
Kyoto-6. Kibune and Kurama : walking and onsen
Kyoto-7. Uji and Japanese green tea
Kyoto-8. The one thousand gates shrine and brewery of sake in Fushimi
Kyoto-9. Ohara, its magnificient temples and organic produce
Kyoto-10. Ine, fishermen village on the Japanese Sea
Kyoto-11. Miyama, a friendly hamlet
Kyoto-12. Visit of a zen temple (Tenryuji, Nanzenji, Kenninji, Ryoanji ou Tofukuji)
Kyoto-13. Visit or participation to a lesson of martial arts

Osaka-1. The market and the church of Tadao Ando in Osaka
Osaka-2. Historic Osaka : Osaka castle, Tennoji temple and Sumiyoshi shrine

Shiga-1. Chikubu Isle and the lake Biwa
Shiga-2. Omi-hachiman and Hikone
Shiga-3. Nishiazai by bicycle (north of the lake Biwa)

Nara-1. The essential of Nara (east)
Nara-2. Unusual Nara (west)

A la carte visits
Buddhists Temples. Ryoanji, Golden Pavillon (Kinkakuji), Silvered Pavillon (Ginkakuji), Kiyomizu-dera, Tenryuji, Nanzenji, Tofukuji, Gioji, Toji, Daitokuji, Nobotoke-an, Matsugasaki-Daikokuten, Otagi-nenbutsuji, Higashi-Honganji, and so on.
Shinto Shrines. Fushimi-Inari (one thousand gates shrine), Yasui-Konpiragu, Yoshida-jinja, and so on.
Castles. Nijo, Hikone, Osaka, Nagahama
Disctricts. Tatsumi-bashi and Shirakawa, Miyagawa-cho, Yase, Uji, Arashiyama, Kibune, Ine, Demachi, Miyama
Experiences. Kyoto's cookery and dinning with Maiko and Geiko, ceremony of tea, visit of japanese houses (like Shisendo, Machiya and machiya-café), onsen and sento, creation of souvenirs in japanese paper, visit of bonsai shops, kimono, …
Food discovering. ramen street in Ichijoji, Ginkakuji ice candy shop, sushis, japonese cakes, and so on.





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