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JR Pass

The JR Pass allow you to take the trains of the six subgroups of the JR company, in all Japan (Hokkaido, East, Central, West, Shikoku et Kyushu), except the shinkansen Nozomi and Mizuho (Tokaido, Sanyo and Kyushu lines). If you are to move a lot, it's really profitable and practical to travel around Japan. This pass can also be used in JR buses and the ferry for Miyajima, off Hiroshima. You have to buy an exchange coupon in a travel agency or an authorized shop in the country where you live, before coming to Japan.

green car (1st class)
normal car (2nd class)
child (6-11 years old)
child (6-11 years old)
7 days
38 880yens
19 440yens
29 110yens
14 550yens
14 days
62 950yens
31 470yens
46 390yens
23 190yens
21 days
81 870yens
40 930yens
59 350yens
29 670yens

When entering Japan, you'll be delivered a temporary visa (Temporary Visitor's stamp) by the airport immigration bureau. When you have it, you can go to a JR ticket office to exchange your coupon with a JR Pass. This exchange has to be done within 3 months following the purchase of the coupon. Your pass is valid 7, 14 or 21 days since the first validation, depending on what you've bought. You can decide the date of first use when exchanging the coupon. Here is a list of ticket offices where you can exchange your coupon if you arrive in Japan in Tokyo (NRT) or Osaka (KIX).

NRT Station Narita Airport NRT Terminal 1 JR EAST Travel Service Center 8:15-19:00
ticket office 6:30-8:15 et 19:00-21:45
Station Airport Terminal 2 NRT Terminal 2 JR EAST Travel Service Center 9:30-20:00
ticket office 6:30-9:30 et 20:00-21:45
Heneda Airport JR EAST Travel Service Center 11:00-18:30
Tokyo train station JR EAST Travel Service Center 7:30-20:30
ticket office 7:30-20:30
Ueno train station Information Center 9:00-19:00
Shinjuku train station Information Center (South exit) 9:00-19:00
Information Center (East exit) 9:00-19:00
Shibuya train station Information Center (South exit) 10:00-18:30
Ikebukuro train station Information Center 9:30-18:00
Shinagawa train station Information Center 9:00-19:00
ticket office 9:00-19:00
KIX Kyoto train station ticket office (Central Exit) 5:30-23:00
ticket office (Hachijo-guchi Exit) 8:30-23:00
Shin-Osaka train station ticket office (East Exit) 5:30-23:30
ticket office (Central Exit) 5:30-23:10
Travel Corner 9:00-20:00
Osaka train station ticket office 5:30-23:00
Station KIX ticket office 5:30-23:00


Kintetsu Rail Pass

Kintetsu is a train company of the Kinki or Kansai region. The Kintetsu Rail Pass allow you to take the trains of the Kintetsu company as often as you want. It's practical to travel in Kansai : Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Ise-Shima, Nagoya, ...

This pass costs 3 800yens for an adult and 1 900yens for a child aged 6 to 11 years old. It's free under 6 years old. You can use it during 5 days after the first validation. You just have to show it to the ticket clerck at the plateform entrance.

normal fare
Kintetsu Rail Pass
Osaka (Osaka Namba Sta.) - Nara (Kintetsu Nara Sta.)
1 070yens
3 800yens
Osaka (Osaka Namba Sta.) - Kyoto (Kyoto Sta.)
1 840yens
Osaka (Osaka Namba Sta.) - Ise Toba Shima (Kashikojima Sta.)
3 920yens
Osaka (Osaka Namba Sta.) - Nagoya (Kintetsu Nagoya Sta.)
4 260yens
Nagoya (Kintetsu Nagoya Sta.) - Nara (Kintetsu Nara Sta.)
3 860yens
Nagoya (Kintetsu Nagoya Sta.) - Kyoto (Kyoto Sta.)
4 490yens
Nagoya (Kintetsu Nagoya Sta.) - Ise Toba Shima (Kashikojima Sta.)
3 580yens

You can buy this pass in the Kansai International Airport, at the Kansai Airport Agency Travel Desk. It's open from 9:00 AM to 9:30 PM. Phone number : +81-72-455-2911 (Japanese and English)


Kyoto City Bus All-day Pass

In the center of Kyoto and to Arashiyama, a journey by bus costs 230yens for an adult and 120yens for a child. To the Northern suburbs of Kyoto, it's a bit more expensive and it depends on the distance. In buses going North, you have to take a ticket when entering the bus. It's written on it a number that will allow you to know the amount of your journey you'll have to pay when getting off the bus. The price will be indicated on a screen, in the front of the bus.

In Japan, we get on by the rear door, get off by the front door and pay when getting off the bus. If you haven't the exact amount, you have to make money with the machine on the left side of the bus driver. Insert a bill of 1000yens into the slot facing you, on your right. The machine will give you back the equivalent in coins. Not to make other passengers wait for you, please do it before the bus stops where you want to get off. You'll then pay the exact amount when getting off, in the upper slot.

The all day pass (500yens for an adult, 250yens for a child) is attractive if you take the bus at least 3 times a day. You can buy it at the Bus Ticket Center, behind Kyoto train station, in a vending machine or in the bus, to the bus driver. When using it for the first time, pass it through the machine, on the left side of the bus driver (slot facing you, on the left). Then you just need to show the bus driver the date written on your ticket. Be careful, this pass is valid only in the center of Kyoto and to Arashiyama. You'll have to pay an extra charge if you go to the Northern suburbs.


Shiei Chikatetsu One-day Free Ticket

In Kyoto, underground is really practical. The amount depends on your destination, for instance, 210yens from Kyoto to Shijo (Karasuma Line) or Karasuma-Oike (manga museum and connection with the Tozai Line) and 260yens from Kyoto to Nijojo-mae (Nijo castle) or Keage (Nanzenji temple).

The Shiei Chikatetsu One-day Free Ticket, is 600yens for an adult and 300yens for a child (6-11 years old) and allow you to take the underground and the bus all the day. You can purchase it in a vending machine in all the underground stations of Kyoto. With this pass, you can also have discounts in Nijo castle, Kyoto museum of culture, Kyoto municipal zoo, Kyoto municipal museum, Murin-an garden, international manga museum, Gion Corner, Aquarium of Kyoto and the botanical garden of Kyoto.


Osaka Enjoy Eco Card

A travel by bus costs 210yens for an adult and 110yens for a child of 6 to 11 years old (free for children under 6 years old in a maximum of 2 children accompanied by an adult). Conditions are identical in the underground, but the amount vary with the distance done, from 180 to 370yens (adult) or 90 to 190yens (child).

The Enjoy Eco Card allow you to travel all the day, as often as you want, in the town buses and the underground of Osaka. It costs 800yens (300yens for a child) during week days and 600yens during weekends and holidays. You can also have discounts in some sites with this pass.


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